Are Denser Workplaces Affecting Employee Productivity?

Many organizations today are trying to fit more employees into less space, in an effort to decrease costs, but are these organizations affecting employee productivity? Space requirements per employee are shrinking, and with the trend toward open office environments, today’s office worker has to deal with noise in the workplace that didn’t exist in the recent past. Unfortunately, these open workspaces, designed to help with collaboration between employees, can ultimately cause a distraction.

So how can a facility manager handle this problem? There are at least two great solutions available. First, high performance acoustic ceiling tiles can help lower the noise coefficient in an open plan. Many companies today are producing decorative tile systems that can coordinate with the Décor in a space, while contributing to the noise reduction. To take it a step further, and ensure privacy in an open space, soundmasking systems can create a background sound that makes speech less intelligible, thus less distracting, and help to maintain confidentiality.

Justin Nichols, FM event manager


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