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Timothy Hartwell Will Present Two Seminars at The Dallas HR and Employee Benefits Summit in July

Strategic Leadership and Mentoring for Success

Have you noticed it? With the change of the year emerged the dawning of evolution in the atmosphere of business. Yes, an atmosphere of business. Are you ready? Rather than focusing on the recession of the past, it’s time to prepare your staff for a new generation of business. It will be fast-paced and full of abundant opportunity. In this power-packed session, learn about:

  • Personalities and generations; collaborate and learn, or collide and lose; the learning styles of Gen X and Y compared to Boomers and Traditionalists
  • The Importance of Mentor and Knowledge Transfer programs (Boomers and Traditionalist to X and Y)
  • Employee motivation, coaching, and development; rewards that retain
  • Successfully communicate through conflict to resolve disagreements and garner respect; accomplish what’s important to you and others involved
  • Transforming the atmosphere for performance in the age of progressive marketplace opportunity
  • Leading through the changing dynamics of business over the next five years

2.Blueprint for Making Better Decisions

You can be in control of the way you manage your reactions, your emotions, and how you deal with conflict when it happens. Unhealthy behaviors such as anger, resentment, envy, jealousy, avoiding conflict, procrastination, overeating, and disorganization, will hold you back, leaving you unfulfilled. This transformational seminar will help you experience a noticeable, positive change in yourself, and influence change in the atmosphere.

Your ability to lead is a state of mind, a way of life, and a part of who you are as a person.

In this seminar, you’ll learn:

  • Discover the deceptive causes of difficult behaviors, and how to deal with others carefully and compassionately
  • Learn the difference between response and reaction; better manage your response to workplace change
  • Learn when and how to stand up for yourself, and when to be less aggressive so you can deal with conflicts and other personalities confidently
  • Improve your communication skills to successfully communicate your way through conflict to resolve disagreements — essential to becoming more effective as manager or in any role!
  • Identify and eliminate personal roadblocks to leadership success.
  • Exercise authority while gaining the cooperation of others.

Presented by Timothy Hartwell – Author, Speaker, Consultant – Destiny Seminars, Inc.

Timothy is a Keynote Speaker and Leadership Performance Strategist & Momentum Designer helping companies, managers, leaders, and employees more effectively connect to and work cohesively together.

Timothy has proven himself for over 15 years as a top corporate trainer, writer, and consultant who has a unique passion for helping people learn and succeed. Timothy has developed, written, and delivered materials on both technical and soft skills, as well as growth principles, leadership development, staff mentoring, and customer service training.

Timothy Hartwell is the author of Live Your Destiny Now, Not Later—Making Good Decisions for a Lifetime, an engaging, energetic, professional speaker, consultant, executive coach, and President of Destiny Seminars, Inc. in the Dallas, TX area.