Preparing Your Facility for Seasonal Pest

Aside of the sunny days, blossoming flowers, and pleasure of shaking off winter’s cold, springtime  has its flaws too;

and its name – the raising pest populations. From spring showers that leave standing water around your property to increased traffic through entryways, warmer weather poses a number of threats to the integrity of your facility’s sanitation and maintenance programs. Rather than spending your money on expensive treatments to eliminate pest presence, invest in proactive efforts  to prevent pests from entering your building in the first place.

Here are a few tips on developing a successful Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program that will defend your facility against infestations:
1. Take advantage of the cooler weather to conduct a thorough inspection of your building’s exterior while pests are still dormant.
2.  Monitor entrances:
a) Work with an HVAC professional to ensure the building has positive airflow.
b) Install door sweeps, window screens and weather stripping around doors and windows.
c) Check crates, dollies and pallets being brought in.
3. Monitor roofs:
a) Regularly inspect your roof and rooftop HVAC units for evidence of any openings, cracks or crevices. Then seal these with a weather-resistant sealant.
b) Consider  some of the advanced techniques available for repelling birds.
c) Eliminate puddles of water left after rain showers or caused by leaky HVAC units.
4. Monitor Grounds:
a) Sweep or mop any standing water.
b) Monitor common areas for trash and debris.
c) Position your dumpsters as far away from the building as possible.
Read the full article here
About the Author: Greg Baumann is vice president of Training and Technical Services for Orkin.

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