Is modular construction the right solution for your school?

With rising construction costs, shrinking budget, and green building codes higher than ever, facilities managers need to be more and more innovative when creating new buildings or reconstructing existing facilities.Among the wide variety of options , it is wise to consider modular industry as a sustainable, safe, durable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional construction.Image

Although  not always viewed favorably and often times seen as plain and unattractive, modular schools offer undeniable benefits:

Cost saving

The cost of  factory-built schools is often less than traditional site-built schools. It’s mainly  due to a greater efficiency in materials usage and storage solutions. Modular  manufacturers work simultaneously on multiple projects, which allows to save any excess of materials for the next projects. Additionally, the materials are kept safely to avoid damaging environmental conditions and thieves (a frequent problem of a job site).

Time Saving

 The construction duration is simply shorter thanks to the streamlined work process, that allows  the construction of the building to happen simultaneously with the necessary site work (plumbing, electric work) and without the weather disturbances. Less time spent at the site, equals less noise, dust, and traffic, which significantly improves neighbor’s contentment.


Modular schools offer flexibility that the permanent static buildings lack.If needed, they can be moved or remodeled for new use, maneuvered from one side of a school, or recycled, All with minimized  cost and energy.


What really makes the factory-built construction green is the decreased  material waste and increased energy efficiency. Recycling and reusing the material in the process, reduces the amount of waste being directed to our landfills. And regulated tightness of the construction (reduced gaps),assures energy savings and better indoor air quality.

Improved Quality

Modular building goes through several inspections during the controlled manufacturing process to assure high performance and reduce potential risks.

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2 responses to “Is modular construction the right solution for your school?

  1. Green building is the best answer. Long term it saves the school district money, has a proven track record for being a better learning environment. Simply the best option for all school districts


  2. Modular Classrooms don’t have to be plain and unattractive. Options are available to blend with existing buildings. Also, modular construction doesn’t always mean temporary, classrooms can be permanent.


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