Announcing new workshops for the Total Security Summit in Chicago. Presented by Brian Marshall, Terry Gold, and Steve Surfaro.


1. Security Entrances – Getting the most control out of your Access Control

This workshop will focus on the following:

•             Security concerns in the workplace

•             Identifying your entrance needs

•             Available types of security entrances

•             Factors to consider when choosing a solution – S.T.A.R.T.T.S.

Moderated by: Brian Marshall, Territory Sales Manager – Midwest, Boon Edam

2. Secure Identity & Credentialing

The learning objectives for this workshop include the following:

–          How to determine your credential security requirements

–          Types, variations, compatibility, and strength.

–          Best practice for long term success

–          Applies to Internal users, visitors.

Moderated by: Terry Gold, Founder of independent research firm IDanalyst.

3. Title: Securing Cities and the top ten Physical and Cyber Security technologies


According to IMS Research, it is expected that North American video deployments in City Surveillance will double in market size by 2016 (based on 2011 research).  Advanced surveillance, security and cyber infrastructure is well in progress in cities in North America, South America, China, Europe and South Africa.

Safety and security is a critical requirement to maintain economic growth, defend against advanced, varying threats and respond to critical events in real time.

License plate capture with “back office” systems integrated to the National Crime Information Center are improving both pro-active approaches and forensic investigations by cities.

Abnormal behavior detection is helping cities be ahead of the threat.

Video synopsis in shortening forensic video investigations in some cases as much as 80%.

Robotics and tactical solutions continue to scale and be an invaluable tool for first responders.

We’ll introduce Homeland Security’s six disciplines of first responders and describe how public/private partnerships will protect soft and hard targets.  HAZMAT, fire, EMS, law enforcement, search & rescue and explosives are the disciplines we’ll include.

Building an Integrated Cyber-Infrastructure permits the ability of securing critical information assets by implementing recommended measures against known exploits.

We will examine several case studies, spanning security and surveillance to preparation, education and policy for Cyber and Infrastructure assurance. Strategies will be presented and trends in physical, cyber, commercial and even consumer technologies illustrated in this entertaining session.  We¹ll conclude with how IT network and communications technologies help facility managers build tactical, corporate infrastructures, and support their strategic goals.

Moderated by: Steve Surfaro, Vice Chair, ASIS Physical Security Council Industry Liason, Axis Communications



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