Top Reasons Why Emergency Notification Systems Fail.

According to a national communications Regroup survey about 10% of emergency notification systems fail at least once during a crisis. Their most recent Regroup guide lists top 10 reasons why ESNs fail and provide tips on how your organization can prepare to avoid these common mistakes.


 Here are the 10 failure reasons in a nutshell:

  1. Failure to deliver messages in a timely manner.
  2. Failure to deliver messages to all recipients.
  3. Incorrect contact information, poor adoption rate.
  4. Local system failure or power outage.
  5. Insufficient communication mediums.
  6. Failure to execute or have cohesive plan
  7. Partial or complete failure of the system.
  8. False alarms, security breaches.
  9. Too many different systems, lack of interoperability.
  10. Lack of or insufficient training.

Read the full guide. 




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