Workplace Law releases ‘Leadership in Facilities Management’ report.

2013 Workplace Law’s FM leadership report  is  based on an annual research study measuring  how FMs today can go beyond compliance and deliver real business value to their clients and stakeholders. Earlier this year, Workplace Law ran a series of focus groups in which 30 key people in the sector gave their perspective on the way great FM delivers value.


This in depth report was complied after gathering 242 survey responses from suppliers and facilities professionals across a wide spectrum of  leadership roles (including human resources, sustainability, health and safety performance).

A key objective of the research was to test whether the priority issues facing facilities managers matched the priorities of those running facilities services companies, in terms of how value is delivered through FM. The responses to the survey were therefore analyzed comparing the ‘client’ perspective with that of the ‘service provider’ or ‘supplier.

This year’s results confirmed some of the issues  and trends highlighted in the 2012 research. Workplace Law states that the goal of these reports is to build  a bank of  information about the perspectives and current performance of the profession upon which future surveys can build.

The report is available for purchase


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