New seminar confirmed for the NY HR and Employee Benefits Summit: ‘Coach the Coach, Strategic People Development for Managers’ hosted by Trinity Solutions!

Coaching the Coach

Most organizations have performance conversations twice a year during annual reviews but by then it could be too late to redirect people and annual reviews begin to lose their power. Coaches need coaching too and this session provides people managers with a step-by-step methodology for planning, managing and motivating strategic development of employees & teams.


Taken from a 2-Day Coaching Certification Course, we will practice development planning, the soft skills of employee conversations, the tools and templates to document with and even solve your biggest employee challenges during the session, using this methodology in group break-out sessions!

Participants will:1. Learn a systematic approach to coaching and motivating performance before it becomes corrective, starting with team and individual development planning
2. Cover proven methods and soft skills for coaching people in one-on-one’s, performance reviews, succession planning and progressive discipline conversations
3. Practice using the Coach the Coach tools and templates for documenting employee conversations



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