Announcing a New Seminar for The Healthcare Facilities Forum: ‘A Hosted Infrastructure that Pays for Itself?? Believe it!’

In the last several years the benefits of leveraging a solutions partner to host facilities technologies has been growing in popularity. Many cite greater availability, reliability, and security along with reduced costs as the primary drivers. Initially many organizations consider hosting these technologies in house but once they complete their research and clearly understand the costs to set up, implement and manage these systems many find that utilizing an experienced partner makes the more sense. In fact, many world class IT organizations have relinquished these responsibilities all together in order to get much needed FM technology deployed quickly and painlessly. As an industry-leading hosted infrastructure provider, CFI allows IT departments to remain focused on mission critical patient-facing front-of-the-house applications. Additionally many clients have been able to achieve quick payback, rapidly deploying systems even with tighter-than-ever budgets because the op-ex nature of a hosting arrangement (versus the traditional capital expenses required for on-premise deployments) is much more flexible. This 45-minute workshop will speak to the benefits of outsourcing your hosted infrastructure and explain some quick deployment options available to healthcare organizations to reprioritize already tight budgets and alleviate the challenges and excess spend involved in purchasing, implementing and maintaining the critical business applications required to maintain compliance and improve the bottom line.


To be presented by

 Tim Anderson is the Vice President of Computerized Facility Integration, LLC.  For over 20 years Tim and his staff have been assisting the health care industry with automating processes and improving the effectiveness of engineering and facilities organizations across the country including Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson, Boston Children’s Hospital, University of Massachusetts Medical and more. 






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