We are Pleased to Announce a New Seminar for The Resilience Summit.

Stress Test your Critical Crisis Management Decisions 

To be presented by Jim Satterfield, President and COO of Firestorm® Solutions, LLC,  who is a nationally-recognized expert on crisis management, threat assessment, disaster preparedness and business continuity planning.


▪   Review best practices for crisis management;

▪   Learn how to integrate stress testing into your existing crisis structure & architecture;

▪   Experience an interactive Stress Test crisis simulation exercise;

▪   Identify techniques for transforming stress testing from a regulatory exercise to a strategic management tool.

How you answer the question “What should we do now?” can have far reaching implications for your company. Often, these questions are complex and require far more than insurance claims or legal responses.  Companies need information and focus on the human, operational, reputational, regulatory, and financial impacts in a disaster or crisis. Regulators have established specific guidelines identifying the expectation of management of risk including social media risk. These requirements included specific social media risk profiles, requirement of a social media risk program with oversight of monitoring, and board or senior management accountability with the potential for fines and penalties. The session will explain what you must be put in place now, provide case studies, and conduct an interactive stress test crisis management exercise.







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