Ecova big data report shows 8.8% drop in commercial and industrial energy use.

Ecova, a total energy and sustainability management company, today released its second annual Big Data Look at Energy Trends: 2008-2012 report. The report draws from Ecova’s Big Data Warehouse, which contains over 2.5 billion points of data from more than 700,000 facilities. This year’s analysis, specifically pulled from 150,000 facilities, shows a decrease in total electric consumption intensity of 8.8 percent and a 6 percent decrease in peak demand. From a vertical view, many retail organizations (including Medium Box Retail, Small Box Retail, and Mercantile Malls) have slashed more than 12 percent of consumption from their portfolios since 2008. 

Average Annual kWh per Sqft 2012 indexed to 2008

Ecova clients show a continued decrease in total electric consumption intensity

The report gives other major commercial and industrial companies timely benchmarks for their own trend analysis. Organizations that leverage benchmarking understand how they are performing against the average, and then use the data to drive additional operational improvements and savings.

Download a copy of the complete Big Data Look at Energy Trends: 2008-2012 report here.


Ecova is the total energy and sustainability management company whose sole purpose is to see more,save more, and sustain more for its clients. Using insights based on consumption, cost and carbon footprint data spanning thousands of utilities, hundreds of thousands of business sites and millions of households, Ecova provides fully managed, technology-optimized solutions for saving resources, which in turn increase returns, lower risks, and enhance reputations. Ecova is the largest non-regulated subsidiary of Avista Corp (NYSE: AVA and For more information, visit the company’s website at, on LinkedIn at, or follow Ecova on Twitter at@ecovainc.


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