How to Choose an Emergency Notification System.

Like any investment, doing some homework before going out to market will save you time and potentially costly mistakes when procuring an emergency notification system. To ensure that you choose the right system, it’s essential to ask the right questions and determine your exact needs.

Having a set of initial requirements driven by business needs is crucial. Without a clear understanding of business needs, you may make a purchasing decision that doesn’t really solve those needs. All too often, purchasing decisions are made with only a small amount of thought given to how the system needs to be used. Determining those needs doesn’t have to be a drawn-out process and can easily be work-shopped to speed the process. Fortunately, there is a new white paper that guides you through the process of establishing your requirements and choosing a vendor.

Before you begin to actually choose and review vendors, it is often worth informally reviewing some applications to see whether there are features that you hadn’t thought about that could be worthwhile. Bear in mind, though, that these features should be tested against a real business requirement. It is easy to be dazzled by a wonderful array of features and lose sight of the core business drivers. There is a simple test to apply: will you definitely use the feature? If you won’t, will it get in the way of the configuration or use of the notification tool?

As you evaluate vendors, your understanding of your business needs will become crucial. Not deciding up-front what is truly important and what is unnecessary could detract from a timely and cost effective deployment.  Also, think carefully about the non-functional requirements such as customer service, support and agility. Like any marketplace, the most visible companies don’t always provide these critical aspects as well as they could. Since this system will be most often used for emergencies, choosing for these non-functional requirements becomes even more important.

Also, consider whether you might be best served by a notification system that includes incident management capabilities. Notification gets the word out; incident management software helps you do something about the situation. Incident management features can include an incident log, task management, team status monitor, documents library, and more.

To learn more, download the 11-page white paper How to Choose an Emergency Notification System. It’s an expert guide that helps you think through the process of defining your requirements and selecting a system. Don’t go through the evaluation process unarmed; download the guide today.

The white paper is sponsored by MissionMode, creators of smarter emergency notification software, streamlined incident management and interactive mobile communication applications.

MissionMode will be participating in the The Resilience Summit                               on December 3-4 2013



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