Announcing a new seminar for the New York #HRandEBSummit: “Building Wellness Programs That Drive Success.”

Please join Shannetta Mennenga, Director of Corporate Cultural Alignment at HealthNow New York, Inc., at the New York  HR and Employee Benefits Summit on January 27th in  as she explains how to build wellness programs that drive success.

No one understands the value of healthy employees more than healthcare providers. As a leading healthcare company, HealthNow has helped millions of people live healthier lives—including their own employees. Find out how HealthNow utilizes the cloud-based Employee Success Platform™ to create successful employee wellness programs that engage, align and recognize employees. You’ll learn about how the program’s success has improved lives, saved money, and engaged employees—and how you can, too.

 Learning objectives:

  • Why HealthNow chose to partner with Achievers to invest in wellness, rewards, and recognition
  • How to integrate wellness initiatives into an Employee Success Platform ™
  • The business benefits of a healthy workforce
  • How to structure an effective wellness campaign
  • The power of healthy competition

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