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“Lost time is never found again” – one of the reasons why Trade Shows belong in the past.

We live in the time-obsessed culture of change and action that, above all else, loathes the waste of precious minutes. We walk faster, sleep shorter, and praise multitasking rather than focus and thoroughness – all that in the name of efficiency. And yet, one Trade Show after another, we spend countless hours waiting  in the “Booths of Unfulfilled Promises”.302838_387640121320813_1611076254_n
With how many decision makers did you sit down and talk serious business at your last trade show again? And did the effort pay off?

I didn’t think so.

Traditional Trade Shows simply don’t square with the modern mode of doing business. They cost too much and generate too little in exchange. Here is how:

First of all, it’s expensive! Efficient spending and treating your money with both care and respect is the number one rule in today’s economy. Investing in Trade Shows is neither smart nor practical. Why? Because you spend ridiculous amounts on booths, advertising, employees, display equipment, transportation, and shipping and all you get in return, is this amazing, one of a kind…waiting opportunity! So you do stand around, waiting endlessly and in vain – like Vladimir and Estragon from Sammuel Beckett’s  tragicomedy. And the situation is just as absurd!

This takes us to the next point – hit-and-miss attendance and awfully long hours. Covering all the costs, investing time, energy, and even remaining patient still doesn’t ensure success, because the presence of relevant buyers is not guaranteed. Hence, you waste 90% of your time dealing with the unwanted booth visitors and hoping for the “real clients” to find you.

For the attention of the very few attendees who are actually qualified, competent, and interested in your products and services, you have to fight with all your competitors.  This fact by itself, changes every Trade Show into draining experience and its setting into the “survival of the fittest” battle field.

Since Trade Shows leave you with nothing but an empty wallet and mental indigestion, don’t you think that it is the high time to label them “Expired” and look for an alternative?

Marta Gierczyk