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The Manager’s Guide to Bias Free Performance Review

With the end of the year promptly approaching, it is time to yet again brush up on the annual  performance appraisal. As the world is getting smaller and the workplace more diverse each day, one of the most challenging aspects of the review has to do with biases. While many organizations address this issue in the hiring process, it still remains widely overlooked in the performance appraisal process.Image  Naturally, reducing the problem of bias must begin before the actual review with an evaluation of the overall performance management system and measurement methodologies. It is also essential for managers to undergo appropriate sensitivity and diversity trainings that will help them recognize their own unconscious biases and learn how to manage them effectively.

Here are five common types of bias that can show up during the performance appraisal process, as listed by the HR Bartender in the article ‘Overcoming 5 Common Performance Appraisal Biases

1. Contrast – This occurs when the manager compares an employee’s performance to other employees instead of the company standard. When employees are ranked in comparison, someone must end up at the bottom, even if they are exceeding the company standard. The problem isn’t the employee – it’s the goal or standard that has been set.

2. Halo An employee is rated highly in all areas because of one thing they do really well. I’ve seen this happen with sales people. She hits the numbers and senior leadership loves it. But behind the scenes, she creates havoc and doesn’t have the respect of her co-workers.

3. Horn – On the flip side, an employee is rated as a poor performer because of one thing they don’t do well. For example, the administrative assistant who is great at everything but filing. It piles up because he puts it off – resulting in the company hiring a temp to get the filing caught up. In all other areas, he’s a rock star.

4. Leniency – A manager gives everyone on their team a satisfactory rating. Unfortunately, I’ve seen this occur a lot when a manager has a large span of control coupled with a common review date. The manager has dozens of reviews to work on and a heart full of good intentions. But somewhere around review number 17, the manager gets burned out and starts giving everyone a satisfactory response. Because it doesn’t require any written supporting statements.

5. Recency – The employee’s most recent behavior becomes the primary focus of the review. This can go both ways. A poor performer does something terrific and their past performance is forgotten. Or an excellent performer makes a mistake and it weighs down the rest of the review.


The Great Success of the Launch Event in Dallas takes The HR and Employee Benefits Summit to New York in January 2014


 HR professionals from across the region gathered at the very first Dallas HR and Employee Benefits Summit on July 15th and 16th to explore the benefits of this unique appointment-based format. United States Staffing Association was a supporter to the event. To the delight of its organizers, the launch was a tremendous success. Two days of highly targeted one-on-one business meetings between senior-level executives and the nation’s top solution providers, engaging educational sessions and networking at the highest level, resulted in nothing but praise from all the participants. Delegates commended the summit for its efficiency, flawless organization, strong educational component, and relaxed atmosphere: 

Delegate Quotes: 

“This was one of the best conferences I’ve attended in my HR career.” – The Children’s Medical Center 

“The summit was great, it exceeded my expectations, I got so much more than I expected.” – Centerplate 

“Very beneficial, good use of my time, I connected with several vendors/ products that were not on my radar but are now!” – Rosewood Hotels & Resorts 

Vendor Quotes: 

“We loved it” – Meyer Dunlap 

“Very beneficial, the delegates were professional decision makers and experienced in dealing with vendors. An excellent summit” – International Talent Management & Mobility 

In addition to the scheduled face-to-face appointments, all attendees had the opportunity to participate in six featured seminars presented by a lineup of nationally acclaimed speakers. The programme included current and inspiring topics from, increasing productivity and motivating a team to strategic leadership and making better decisions. They also covered ways to identify top sales talent and building a magnetic culture within their organizations. 

The summit in Dallas was a prelude to the lineup of events planned for 2014. 

Shane Doherty, the event manager quoted: “I was excited about the inaugural HR & Employee Benefits Summit in Dallas which met my expectations and much more. The event was a huge success with nothing but positive feedback from vendor and delegate alike. This concept was brand new to many of the attendees and to see a skeptic turn into a believer is truly rewarding. We are now focused on the New York HR & Employee Benefits Summit in January and looking forward to all the future business relationships that are being created from the summits we produce”. 

On January 27th, 2014 Forum Events Inc will be hosting the New York HR & Employee Benefits Summit. This will serve as a great opportunity for senior level HR & Employee Benefits Executives to explore the latest innovations from top solution providers. In addition they will network with fellow peers within the industry. 

For more information email media@forumevents.com 



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