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Workshops at The Education Facilities Forum and Healthcare Facilities Forum, April 2013 in Atlanta

We are pleased to announce the following educational sessions  at our upcoming forum in Atlanta on April 29 &30

1. Chemical Free Cleaning and its Positive Impacts, Presented by Jack Adelman, V.P. Education and Training, SouthEast LINK

The session’s focus is on the state of the art in sustainable cleaning technologies. School custodial budgets and staff are being slashed. The technologies addressed in the sessions will illustrate how to overcome the current economic difficulties facilities are encountering. The subjects that are introduced in this session…

-Chemical free cleaning with engineered water
-Removal of soils and microbes without the use of harsh chemicals -Benefits of chemical free cleaning and engineered water
-Benefits of “true” microfiber systems
-Improving indoor air quality and appearance
-Improving worker safety and productivity
-Reduction of cleaning supply inventory
-Elimination of cross contamination
-Odor free restroom
-Reduction of wax stripping/floor finish frequency

2. In the Red with Green Energy Solutions, Presented by David Walker, Architect, Contractor, and Owner

Are you facing another year of reduced capital outlay that delays plans for green energy renovations to lower fuel and power consumption? We all want to help save the environment, and we will as long as change makes sense and it is possible with our budget. Finding inexpensive energy saving solutions that create quick cash back from rebates, tax incentives and paid incentives from the power company along with lower energy bills makes moving forward with the right solution a “no brainer”! In this workshop we will explore exceptional green energy systems including LED lighting, clean power systems, mechanical systems and Architectural strategies for phased implementation of these.

3. Innovative HVAC in Schools, Presented by Bob Philips, Regional Sales Engineer, LG Electronics, Commercial Air Conditioning Division.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) technology was introduced as a system to minimize losses found in conventional HVAC systems. The modular design of a VRF system provides exceptional dehumidification and temperature control by efficiently adapting to the changing loads. This presentation will provide an overview of VRF and Duct-Free Systems in the education market. Learn how a quiet, energy efficient, easy to design, install and maintain VRF System can improve the learning environment.

4. Washington D.C. Smart Roof Program: Portfolio-based roof asset and energy management. Presented by Richard Rast is President of BLUEFIN, LLC,

This workshop demonstrates how the Washington D.C. Department of General Service is successfully integrating roof asset and energy management across their entire municipal portfolio, including schools, police and fire facilities, and parks and recreation buildings. This municipality includes 435 buildings with over 40 million square feet.  The D.C. government is committed to reducing its carbon footprint through integrated roof asset and energy management strategies.   This workshop will cover best practices to  1) achieve maximum roof service life and reliability to keep roofs out of the landfill 2) improve energy conservation in low-rise buildings 3)  qualify and prepare your roofs before making large investments in renewable energy technologies.

Presenter Bio: Richard Rast is President of BLUEFIN, LLC, a national roof management company.  Richard started BLUEFIN in 2005 with over 25 years’ experience as owner and manager of several firms providing facility asset management, consulting and technology expertise to the facilities industry – and a conviction that there is a better way to manage portfolios of roofing assets to achieve sustainable performance.  He is a graduate of Georgia Tech and has over 30 years of asset management experience for agencies of the Department of Defense and private industry.

Brief Company Bio:  BLUEFIN, LLC is a roof management company serving clients with large building portfolios. We implement proven strategies at every stage of the roof life-cycle to make roofs last longer, perform better, and conserve energy.  Over the past five years, BLUEFIN has provided roof assessments and proven solutions for over 15,000 buildings with 150 Million square feet of combined roof area.

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Trivia Answer. What painting by a Dutch master inspired Frank Gehry’s Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago?

The unique structure of the Pritzker Pavilion, with its stainless steel roof folded in very flat curving  pleats, was inspired by Johannes Vermeer’s ‘Woman with a Water Jug’ painting. In particular, the bright and almost translucent pleats on the woman’s shoulders.

Click here for more fun facts about the  Pritzker Pavilion



Trivia answer: Which US president has an entire province (and a city in that province) named after him in a country outside the US?

Rutherford B. Hayes. The Presidente Hayes province and the city of Villa Hayes in Paraguay are named for him. He arbitrated a land claim in Paraguay’s favor; they named the land after him.Though it looks like someone else actually made the recommendation and he signed off on it.

Villa Hayes is a city in Paraguay, and is the capital of Presidente Hayes Department.