Announcing the Seminar Line-up for The New York HR and Employee Benefits Summit!

It’s time to throw back the curtains and flip on the spotlights!


Without further ado, we present the Seminar Program for the New York HR and Employee Benefits Summit

Andaz Wall Street                                                                                                                            New York City, NY                                                                                                                    January 27, 2014

1. Building Wellness Programs That Drive Success

No one understands the value of healthy employees more than healthcare providers. As a leading healthcare company, HealthNow has helped millions of people live healthier lives—including their own employees. Find out how HealthNow utilizes the cloud-based Employee Success Platform™ to create successful employee wellness programs that engage, align and recognize employees. You’ll learn about how the program’s success has improved lives, saved money, and engaged employees—and how you can, too.

Learning objectives:

  • Why HealthNow chose to partner with Achievers to invest in wellness, rewards, and recognition
  • How to integrate wellness initiatives into an Employee Success Platform ™
  • The business benefits of a healthy workforce
  • How to structure an effective wellness campaign
  • The power of healthy competition

Hosted by Shannetta Mennenga, Director of Corporate Cultural Alignment at HealthNow, New York, Inc.


2. Coaching the Coach: The Keys Strategic People Development

Most organizations have performance conversations twice a year during annual reviews but by then, it could be too late to redirect people. This workshop provides the leadership development that coaches need with a step-by-step methodology for planning, managing and motivating team and individual development, proactively. We will also cover the soft skills of employee conversations and the tools and templates to document them with so that participants leave with a complete Coaching System to implement immediately.

Attendees will:

  • Discuss the differences between Performance Management and Strategic People Development.
  • Learn a systematic approach to coaching and motivating performance before it becomes corrective, starting with team and individual development planning
  • Practice the necessary soft skills for coaching people in one-on-one’s, performance reviews, succession planning and progressive discipline conversations (including what works and what doesn’t).
  • Leave with a premade Coaching Binder that provides attendees with each of documentation templates and coaching tools we cover in an easy to use Coaching System that is ready as soon as they return to their teams!

Hosted by Lisa Rueth, President of Trinity Solutions

3. Leading Out of a Down-Turn with Strategy, Alignment and Engagement

This session will take a deep dive into the best practices of organizations that have gone from reduction to growth during the economic down-turn.

Using the Strategic Engagement model, research shows how companies bypassed reduction and harvested their intelligence to thrive at a time when most organizations highest desire was to avoid the next reduction in force. The Strategic Engagement Model uses 4 key components to innovatively solve problems, adapt to unexpected challenges in the market and connect employee contribution to the company for growth. This session will cover the keys to success, the pitfalls to avoid and the main leadership behaviors that encourage that increase productivity, innovation and engagement.

Hosted by Lisa Rueth, President of Trinity Solutions


4. Before, During and After the Active Shooter Event- Are You Prepared?

Patrick will discuss risk assessments of the workplace, the shooter’s behavior, innovative security solutions and preparedness, aimed at mitigating this risk.

Patrick will present current information that will help organizations prepare for a potential crisis situation involving an active shooter.  Patrick will speak on risk assessments of facilities, innovative security technologies, and the shooter behavior. The presentation will present ideas and solutions that will help organizations mitigate the risk of an active shooter event.  The ideas presented will address what an organization can do to prevent such an event from occurring as well as what steps can be taken before, during and after a crisis situation such as an active shooter.

What will the attendees learn from the program? 

1. Ways to prevent a crisis situation from occurring: Attendees will learn how a risk assessment can identify potential short falls in their organization’s security as well as what innovative security technologies and other solutions are available to address these short falls.

2. Ways to deal with an active shooter prior to police arrival: Attendees will learn what steps can be taken to handle an active shooter situation as it is occurring and prior to police arrival.

Hosted by Patrick V. Fiel Sr, Principal, PVF Consulting

4. Making Work More Rewarding Through Creating an “ALL IN” Culture Base

 Chester’s keynote is based on his latest Bestselling book called, All In:  How the Best Managers Create a Culture of Belief and Drive Big Results.

The main topic of All In is Company Culture and what it takes to have a high performing culture in business. Chester brings excitement and a lot of laughter, but his message also contains hard data proven to bring real change and real results.  Your will walk away with the tools to immediately implement in their workplaces.  He provides real life examples of what high performing organizations are doing to get their people engaged.  Typically Chester receives comments like the one below.

  • “Our team found his work to be right on target. It is timely and powerful. The supervisors were most impacted by Chester’s ability to communicate important truths in a fun and engaging presentation. He is an exceptional thought leader that inserts brilliant truths in a fun and engaging presentation that the entire team enjoyed” – Britt Berrett – President (Texas Healthcare)

Hosted by Chester Elton, Motivation Expert & NY Times Bestselling Author

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